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The most comfortable Spanish private lessons in NYC

Spanish from Spain. We need the Spanish language. This planet will become a world of two majority languages in twenty years. Our children will grow up learning English and Spanish.

Not only you will learn Spanish language in 1 hour, but also Spanish culture. My goal is to spread Spanish culture in the English speakers. Spain is a beautiful country with appealing costumes and nice people. Each lesson will be a dive into Spain’s culture.

Forget the Latin American Spanish. I will teach you the Language of where originally comes from and you will speak correctly. You will make better impressions with your businesses, your friends, in a visit to Spanish-speaking countries. But I don’t look down on Latin American Spanish, moreover, I show the differences between both Spanish languages in matters like expressions, sayings and vocabulary.

1 How are the lessons? Custom-made lessons. You choose the needs you want to meet. Before the first lesson I will have a meeting with you; I’ll see your skill-level and I’ll put forward the different available options, like a buffet. Although I impose a clear goal to these lessons, the student takes part in the syllabus; I adapt to the circumstances.

►More freedom than a language school. Far away from the monotonous school language lessons.

►Samples of syllabus:



3 months of solid grounding: grammar (the basic verb tenses and essential grammar), vocabulary (bunches), pronunciation (especially important).


From the 4th month: grammar (review of verb tenses), pronunciation (review), vocabulary (bunches) and first speaking (20 minutes per lesson).


Speaking (1/2 of lesson), vocabulary (learning during the conversation) and grammar (compound verb tenses and other topics).


Speaking (almost all the lesson), vocabulary (more complicated themes) and grammar (just review during the conversation).

2 How is the method? It’s the most comfortable method you will find. Two words: pleasant and enjoyable. I insist to my students that lessons are a way to escape from the stressful life. Each Spanish lesson is not a duty, it’s only part of your free time, something you will enjoy because I’m not governed by the methods of the language schools. So take a seat and relax!

This nice method is specially focused on conversation. Beginners, don’t panic! I will give you a solid grounding and after 3 months you will be able to speak about basic matters like weather, frame of mind and people. And… why is the conversation the best method? Because that’s the most important matter. Forget the grammar, verb conjugations…That’s bored! You will learn those subjects during the lesson, at the same time we practice the conversation. Even though you don’t know about grammar, even though you don’t know about vocabulary, you will speak Spanish because this is a progressive method; at the same time you speak, you will be learning vocabulary and grammar. It’s totally simultaneous.

More things you should know about this method:

  • Studying is not a requirement. I believe more in paying attention to details. Spanish language is everywhere: ads, TV, subway, radio, movies, people, etc.
  • Just pay attention in those details wherever you are, keep your eyes open and your brain will absorb all that information; even more if that data is about the theme you like.
  • Pleasing and enjoyable. When things are nice, people is willing to learn. The more pleasant the more you learn, truly tested.
  • You need to practice the speaking, so feel free, forget the shame and turn loose what you know.

3 Results:


YOU will get by well in a conversation in six months. First three months of basic learning (the simplest verb tenses). From the fourth month you will start to speak a little and the process (method) explained above will begin.


YOU will get by really good in a conversation, as a tourist, as a businessman/woman, as a friend. You will know more vocabulary and verb tenses.


YOU will improve your regular conversation in Spanish. You will solve some grammar problems, you will learn more vocabulary and we will focus in the small details.

4 Who I am?

Dani GarcĂ­a. Native Spanish, from Madrid.

• One year experience as Spanish teacher (4 months in NYC, 8 months in London).

• Two years experience in English lessons for kids in Madrid.

• Also experience with middle/high-school students in different subjects.

As you can see I’m a versatile person and teacher, nice, funny and, overall, a non-conventional private tutor who propose an alternative method, a successful way psychologically proved.

I’m also music journalist working in NYC as a correspondent/contributor of three Spanish magazines. I’ve been carrying out both careers at the same time.

5 Who is this for? Everybody! My experience teaching is gathered in: English for kids and young people, and Spanish for adults. These are the kind of lessons I’ve done:

• Businesses

• Text translations

• Hobby

• Novices

• DELE Spanish official exam

• High-school exams

• Improving skills

• In groups

6 When? Any day of the week, any time of the day. Most of my students have a working day, therefore lunch time and the end of the day are the best options.

7 Where? Normally I do the lessons in quiet cafes where noise doesn’t hinder to do the lesson. Examples: Aroma Espresso Bar (Houston & Greene), Upper East Starbucks (1st Ave & 75th St) or some cafe in Brooklyn. I accept suggestions but it has to be an accessible place for both; we will bear in mind your job and mine.

I’ve also done lessons at homes; it’s more comfortable but sometimes complicated for the students (roommates, moves). After my next move I will able to say if I can do lessons at my home.

8 Price: This is the best thing! Cheaper than any private class in NYC! A single lesson is 30$ but there are two ways to save money:

► There are monthly packs of lessons:

LESSONS (per month)



4 (1 weekly)



8 (2 weekly)



12 (3 weekly)



16 (4 weekly)



20 (5 weekly)



*If the student wanted more lessons, we would negotiate new prices.

*Intensive courses for exams have special rates.

► Continuity is rewarded with lower prices, 25$ per lesson. After the first three months I will talk with the student about a fair reduction in the rates.

For further info: spainisdifferent@rocketmail.com

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